Possible Week

Pretty amazed by the impossibility of this week. I start my new job on Wednesday. It's part-time, mornings only, and for the next few weeks I have something of a freelance job in the afternoons. This is me more or less taking the plunge, abandoning the financial security of corporate work. Thrilling. It's worth a show until I run out of money and have to start temping again. I sort of want to work retail in the afternoons.

Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning, and had the distinct pleasure of riding the L-train during rush hour when I wasn't really in a rush. I ran into my friend on the train who made fun of me, saying "Oh, on your way to work? As a gymbunny?" Which kind of makes sense. I felt very indulgent and vindicated. 'Well, sometimes I use my body to make money, and in order to feel good doing that i need to spend a little bit of time exercising. So going to the gym is work for me, okay?' Resist Psychic Death Jigsaw Youth.

Began working on my first new song in years. Feeling excited. Writing some ukulele songs. Playing at Sugarland on Wednesday night. I have a lot of people to get back in touch with and a lot of appointments to keep. I'm more than a little apprehensive as to whether or not I can make this work, but I'm hopeful.

Feel a little nasty at certain aspects of my situation.
On being nasty:


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