Saturn has been in Leo since July of 2005. I found this out some time last spring. This is perhaps the biggest piece "evidence" with which I justify my new found astrology obsession. In July of 2005 I was more or less 'peaking'. I was living away from my family and school for the first time, getting laid, playing shows, scrambling and loving it. I felt pretty close to some kind of actualized identity. I smoked a pack and a half of Virginia Slims a day, felt and looked fabulous. Shortly after Saturn going into Leo, I returned to college for my senior year. Terribly confused about how to reconcile the madcap NYC life I had with "the future". Within the span of a few brief months, everything truly awful that has ever happened to me happened. No juicy details, but I was dumped, had a stalker, and found out about the sudden death of a very close friend. In January I had a freaky illness that involved me almost missing part of my senior year of college and quitting smoking. I made it out okay, but terribly bewildered, and have spent the last two years without any idea what I should be doing. So, now, after this weekend it's gone. I feel a little lighter. From my September horoscope, via Susan Miller:

"On September 2, you will see the end of Saturn in Leo. Ever since Saturn
entered your sign two years ago, during July 2005, Saturn has put you
through cosmic boot camp. Saturn toughened you up and made you more disciplined,
realistic, responsible, and practical. You probably accomplished something big -
you may feel like you've been through a rite of passage - and now you can say
you feel new and much more mature. Saturn often asks for sacrifice, so you may
have had to live a no-frills lifestyle while you worked to establish your bigger
goal. That was a temporary situation and you actually got used to doing so after
a while. Time became much more precious to you, and you learned to use your time
wisely. Now life will improve enormously, and your outlook will become
substantially brighter. You probably felt you had to work very hard in various
areas of your life, but now things will click into place in an easier way. Your
health should feel more robust as well. Saturn won't be back to your sign until
2034, and the lessons you learned over the past two years will carry you at
least that long, if not forever.

Saturn is a self-correcting planet - some people need just a
little advice from Saturn, while other people need a lot. You will get precisely
the right amount of tutoring from this planet, no matter where you started.
Saturn's ultimate job is always to make dreams tangible and real. If you want a
nest egg, start imagining yourself reading your statements while sitting in an
easy chair, feet up, and holding a cup of coffee. In this dream you'll be
smiling because you'll be so happy to see the sums you've amassed! Believe it -
you're on your way!

Dear Leo, compared to what you've come through over the past
two years, the coming two years should be a lot easier. Having Saturn on your
Sun, as you have had until now, is thought to be very hard, because it's the
coming together of the warm, fiery Sun and cold, hard Saturn, quite literally
the joining of fire and ice! You are closing the door on that chapter this
month, thank goodness!"

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