Ankh Tattoo

I tried to impress him while we were dancing. A girl rapper song came on the stereo and even though the dance floor was empty and it was 2:00am, he said "This is MY SONG" so we stayed dancing. We found an unopened green bottle of hard apple cider. Wanting to look tough, I tried to open the bottle with a lighter, and I split open my finger, getting blood everywhere, but it was a messy house party anyway. We drank the cider and went to his house, where he has a collection of vintage curtains, chandeliers, wallpapers. All this stuff. A lot of design, he could describe it to me if I like. He had a tattoo. Holding hands the entire time.

The next morning I left a note on his desk and sneaked out of his apartment, ravenous and bleary and in my party clothes. Covered in sweat, spit, and cider. I noticed, walking toward the train, that the blood on my finger had been sucked clean.

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