oh babe yeah

and I think to myself, "Well, why would these unattractive drunk faggot hipster bitches be so mean to me? What can they possibly have against me? What could I have ever done to them, other than fuck their friends?"

so I have two choices: worry about it or don't worry about it.

I mean, why wouldn't these awful, boring, so-sorry-about-your-face, gay bar five nights of the week, drinking because they hate their corporate jobs and they're only 23, personality of a can of tuna fish boys hate me? Why wouldn't they resent Miss Thing? I'm well over a foot taller than any of them, always show up with some modicum of self-resepect (very small bit) and don't depend of toothy drunk blowjobs to know who I am. I'm fucking fabulous, apparently. I wear nice shoes and clothes and my hair is messy but at least I have all of it. I don't need to buy records and then talk about the records in order to carry on a conversation. How could they not resent me?

alright fuck this shit I'm going to California for two weeks.

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