And we'll go to Mars

I should have been a mathematician, honey.
I'm good at proofs. Sometimes it's like a roller coaster of information. How to deal with all the data!

So it's been a while! Miss Thing started a new job and now she's on a break from it. I'm getting traction in all areas of my life. Johnny Darling got us tickets to see Siouxsie perform (she's still got it). The next night we go-go danced and Allison Wolfe wrote PxRxDxCxTx on my stomach with a sharpie. Sometimes the boy you have a crush on wants to know about your hometown. Sometimes you send out your zine and people really like it and wwant to talk to you. Sometimes you have to figure out which pair of underwear belongs to you. I performed at Galapagos, a new cover of "Moody" by ESG. Bobo and Jiddy and I went to an art opening and made a movie, they got interviewed for the newspapers. I lost, then breifly found it. Think I'm getting a cold. we're having a party at the Soft Butch House next week.

I have the next two weeks off of work and I need to start cataloging things, you know?

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