Took Of You

Bobo, Julia, Bobo's Mama and I spent the weekend at their house in the Catskills, WILDCAT RANCH. That's the view from the porch. We drove around the countryside, visited our friend Robin Winters the living artist, and hung out with a caterpillar. It was pretty beautiful. spent an hour on the phone last night with my first homegirl Magay. we were chatting about:
  • manipulating lovers
  • French Bi Girls
  • why we hate certain scenes
  • doing it with hot dudes
  • how Sun Ra was probably gay maybe
  • Fake jerks
and then Magay says "Hold on a sec I might have to get off the phone." The proceeds to put down the phone and sell someone a movie ticket, she's been at work and on the phone chitchatting for the last hour. Which I thought was pretty great. Tonight I'm really feeling Mercury's Retrograde. Feel antsy and disoriented and overweight and just too through with it all. Not even trying to fight the world though. Just let it happen. Okay. Interview with the famous living artist Pash coming in the next few weeks. Also: I wrote a new zine and it's pretty important. BILLYCHEER@GMAIL.COM if you want a copy.

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