Given that I've been out of work, I've been shopping a lot. Tomorrow I'm going to California for a few days. To "rest". Bobo and I went to Saks and I got some Marc Jacobs shirts. Mordecai and I went to Barney's. I've been watching The Legend of Leigh Bowery again, feeling pretty inspired. Like: DRESSING UP! Obviously! It encompasses every medium, even if you don't do it so well all the time. I go-go danced on Saturday night, and a drunk Swede (told you) told me I was fat. But just in the stomach. So, in response, I think I am going to make fag City about style (style not fashion, there's a difference). I sort of already write about people's styles.

To begin with: my own style. Maybe I should just write down what I'm wearing, make lists of descriptions of how fucking fabulous I look when I go shopping at Zabar's. I wish I could film it. Today is the BIG SKY outfit, because that's the only song I've been listening to all day. Tell 'em, sisters. It is tight black velvet skinny jeans, a purple tank top underneath the oversized Gucci sweater. Ubiquitous green sunglasses and platform shoes. I am a monster and I am taking up as much space as I can. Coffee, Kate Bush, Cheeba, Florida Water. Keeping myself posted.


Challenge said...

marc jacobs is a good thing to have if one were to have something from saks.

also big sky is a kinks song from my favorite kinks album village green preservation society.

i saw jonathan richman tonight and he likes me in my everyday clothes and with hair curly and wild.

also east coast missa you.

M. said...

I have to say I'm pretty partial to the Diesel jeans from Daisy Cross and the blue blazer myself.

Colin said...

OH boy. that feeling is just right. Today I wore my slip-ons I dyed salmon (originally i wanted red) that coincidentally matched my new black and salmon bow tie, sitting on top of my black tux shirt. I sewed it in to fit just right (because I'm so olympia!).

I topped it off with my favorite grey jeans.

if and when i come to new york, we will have to shop until our credit cards disintegrate. or until we get tired. Whichever happens first, i guess!


Colin said...

also, i've woken up to big sky the last three days! it's cathartic!