Calendar Magick

On Wearing Many Hats: I start at a new position today, the TECH PERSON at an arts nonprofit. You should be jealous. How TECH am I? This remains to be seen.

SO I committed to too many ideas / projects / people. And now I need to scale it back.
Maybe going on a date this week.

Reading only reading Joan Didion and listening only to Silvia Night's cover of "Material Girl" and Utah Saints' "Something Good". Working actually on a new story, involving the following images / elements:

- Our mouths filled with coins, we kiss expensive
- Here is a hint: we suck the nickles clean before spitting them into wishing wells
- Keeping castles, thrones, crowns clean
- Taste of artificial sweetener at the back of your tongue

Were it not for the winning combination of my pachydermal memory, stoner nonchalance, campy fag humor, and witchy bitch jealous tragedy, I might not be able to keep all of this together. I might not be able to notice and then use all of these fabulous things.

Lucky for me (my horoscope said I'd be LUCKY), I take fantastic notes.

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