As a Summer Breeze


A journal of domestic abstraction. How I make what I like the same as a part of what I am. I'm seeing someone, who I like a lot actually. Whenever we go over to one another's apartment we snoop, look around to draw conclusions. Ask questions. I sometimes think: I do not actually want to be a curator because curators are unhappy semi-conscious artists whose cold lonely lives revolve around other people's work. But then when I'm thinking of my room I feel like a curator, I guess.

(Reference Erin Smith's comments on Riot Grrrl being a system of networks (social, information, artistic) located in bedrooms. Private site as identity, launching pad for organizing cultural and political motifs on a larger scale).

That all being said, I am still really into Vera Neumann textiles. Bedsheets yes. Monochromatic rainbows. I'm going to use the phrase "Bisected Rainbows" for something, and I got this title from my Vera bedsheets. Something sort of naive and sweet about the misplaced pop art of 1960s bedsheets, don't you think?

I recently got a Sega Genesis, after spending an intense part of my childhood hating them. As a Super Nintendo loyalist, I saw Sega as being anti-American, communist, forbidden, and even a little sexy. Now that I'm a grown-up and Feel Like I Can Have Whatever I Want, I got one. The game play doesn't really hold up, but it's worth the money and noise to be able to revel in the glory of playing Ecco the Dolphin.

Obsessed with Sid & Marty Kroft's television shows. The classic combination of psychedelic colors, rock music, fairy tales and drug references under the auspices of "Children's Programming". A particular favorite is the Bugaloos, group of cockney hipster fairies who live in a place called Tranquility Forest and play in a folk band together. Let's skip to the good part / my favorite part of any narrative: the female villain. Benita Bizarre, an evil rock witch who lives in a jukebox with her sidekick, Funky Rat. Obviously Benita's Havana-Drag look is important to note here. She also wears a green ensemble. What's interesting is that she, being a witch and therefore old, is somehow out of touch. The "groovy rock music" she wants to play has a very early 1960s vibe to it and is therefore creepy and backwards, elements of a generation gap. Her goal is not to take over the world or hurt anybody: she just wants to make a good record. Her first single goes: "Strap on your supersonic sneakers cause you're going to the party with me, babe." She doesn't want to kill the Bugaloos, just kidnap them and force them to play in her band. I really identify with this.

Also interested in houseplants. Not, though, because they're particularly 1970s (although of course they are), but because I like the idea of improving the air quality in my room (albeit nominally). It's a little thrilling to think that something in my room could live. Flourish. I'm trying to think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity. Let's see whether or not my new plants (names: Lucy, Ethel, Rhoda) can withstand my winning combination of smoke, cats, neglect and guilty over-watering.

Thumbs green, thumbs up.

over and out.

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max, this is my favorite post of yours of all time