Cookie Time

Beautiful days these days. I watched "Troop Beverly Hills" last night, I love that movie so much. Watching it again as a nascent adult is such a trip. As a kid, the whole divorce aspect was totally lost on me. Now Shelley Long's character seems so much deeper. I mean, relatively.

God, I wanted to be one of those spoiled pre-teen Beverly Hills girls.

I have so many little projects to work on. Opportunities abound, if we give ourselves permission to enjoy.

Part of me doing this, practicing enjoyment (giving myself permission to feel good) involves, unfortunately, standing up for myself. I don't want to be nasty and I don't want to hurt any body's feelings. At the same time, I'm very intrigued by the idea of calling people out when they do something fucked up.

For example: I know that you feel bad. I know that you feel uncomfortable and sad, maybe. Maybe you feel insecure or angry. Maybe you feel like I don't care about you and don't want to listen to you. Here's how I know you feel this way: you're being a real jerk to me all the time. You constantly put me down when we're in front of other people. Stop it.

Here's another example: I have so little faith in my own intelligence and creativity. I feel very, truly, and sincerely FLATTERED. Maybe we can work on collaborations that make both of us feel productive. Please do not ask me to do something that I would not ask you to do. Think about it.

SO I'm giving myself permission to feel good all of the time. Physical and mental, I guess.
Wouldn't it be so weird?

Sleepy days. I'm working on a big new batch of mix CDs and you can have one if you want. Another Billy Cheer Mixtape: BLOOMING

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Richert said...

i need a mixtape about standing up for yourself and feeling good!