Interview for FAG SCHOOL

So I got interviewed by Brontez, writer of the totally inspiring underground queer punk zine FAG SCHOOL, member of a number of legenday San Francisco bands, including Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes, and Gravy Train!!!! about my own zine, Scorcher. Fag School is one of the few truly revolutionary post riot-grrrl queercore zines being made in America, and Brontez is a continued inspiration to me. He is an incredible dancer and very sweet boy all-around. He's not snobby at all even though he could be, he has a Team Dresch tattoo and more "cred" than anyone else. Super radical political and sweet.

I love you Brontez.

1. Billy, imagine this: Your REALLY slutting it up at a writers convention where exists only two possibilities: sex with good writers or sex with famous writers . who do you most likely fuck first?

Normally I would say sex with celebrities, but sex with a GOOD WRITER (as opposed to a FAMOUS WRITER) is preferable. Who would a famous writer even BE? I only read women authors and I only really have sex with men.

2. Your stories make me feel like i dropped acid. Very hallucinating (hallsinaginic?) What's your method?

Like Kathy Acker I find it best to write when hallucinating / drunk / high / masturbating. I'm glad some of that comes across.

3. In Scorcher #1 you said (or wrote rather) "WE LIVE IN FAG CITY". What does THAT mean?

FAG CITY is the name I give to my imagination, sort of. I feel like a hippie when I describe it or something, but whatever. To me, it means that we live in our own heaven! And I always felt, as a fag, that I was waiting to get to a place where I could meet other freaky queers, when I could some day go to FAG CITY. But we live there! We can make it! Like, I imagine that if we talk about and make enough good gay art (girls and trans people too not just boy fags) we can make FAG CITY a reality. Alice Walker said "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For".

4. Which would you rather. Pen an AWSOME ZINE or Pen a (mediorcore) best-selling novel?

I would love to be rich and I would love to meet Oprah Winfrey and talk about shit with her on teevee, but I don't think I could really do a novel. I'd rather write a legendary zine that doesn't pay me but encourages other people to write. You know, like some of my favorite zines: PUBERTY STRIKE, EX WHY ZEE, FAG SCHOOL, Girl Germs, Outpunk, Tales of Blarg, Jigsaw Youth, Bamboo Girl, Chainsaw, Rollerderby, J.D.'s or even Doris.

ps - you can still get SCORCHER at Cinder's Gallery in Brooklyn or directly from me: billycheer@gmail.com

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