It's Like I Told You I'm Over You, Somehow

Friday night Sister Pico, Lola and Mickey Pussy all came over to my house. We smoked cigarettes and listened to Big Maybelle. We drank rum and diet coke out of old mason jars and ran out of ice cubes. Played dress-up and walked down Metropolitan hoping it wouldn't start pouring rain (it didn't-- I lost the bet).

Saturday morning Bobo came over and we cooked breakfast. I'll describe it for you: vegan waffles fake sausage patties with fresh blackberries and coffee with soy milk and raw sugar. We went to up to central park for the first warm day of the year. Laid out in the sun, smoked cigarettes and generally loved each other. Went to the Fierce Pussy book release party at Printed Matter then to Williamsburg. I ate a falafel and took a nap before my date.

Sunday I met with Hunter, Katie, Emma, Nick and his European friend for brunch. We ate under a huge skylight, it felt like being in a greenhouse. Katie and I walked home from brunch and I scarcely had time to change my clothes before running downtown to see Joanna and Poopsie and Sally (Joanna's Puggle). Joanna and I sat loving each other and ate Indian food. I realize now that I only write about what I'm eating, this is because I want to show in this blog that I am nourishing myself. That I am feeling sensory pleasure and consciously feeding and taking some kind of care of myself. Joanna and I talked about: celebrities and money. The future. Our children, some day. And fucking. I read Kurt Vonnegut on the bus and I watch Betty Boop cartoons before bed. I can't get Sigmund and the Seamonsters out of my head.

I spent some time this weekend with a certain Scorpio. He's really funny. I'm thinking of bisected rainbows. Tonight I might cook dinner or just order in with Bobo. Run at the gym. Listening to Nick Cave and feeling romantic.

Also beaches, anniversaries. Warm wind and Joanna's moving to LA. I have a feeling and it sounds like this:

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