All Your Dirty Little

Last night I had a nightmare that I was smoking a joint and it tasted funny, we opened it and it was made of white sage. In the dream I was terrified that I'd been accidentally sucking on magick smoke. A strong breeze blew the bits of sage out of hands and I saw that the wind was coming through a crack in my wall, slowly widening to reveal moonlight. I tried frantically to hold the wall back together, keep out the draft.

Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. Terrible itching pain from where they bit me: right shoulder, left foot, left wrist. Fell back asleep and dreamed of smoke and falling. Woke up to a rainstorm and a foul mood. The swelling went down, I couldn't convince anyone that there had been mosquitoes at all.

Growing a banana tree in the house. I see good spirits when I want to. I feel very uneasy and I do not know why. don't much feel like seeing other people today.

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