Buried In My Bed

Friday night was pretty much like:

I'm still getting caught up in this weird trap where I feel like people's insecurities and competitiveness are my problem. Like: if people hate themselves and have to name-drop and be competetive with me, I always take it as a criticism, when really it's just someone's ugly showing through. OK! Not my problem. Anyhow, despite people wanting to tell me how awesome they are, I'm doing pretty great too.

I have some things coming up. I'm performing at Sarah Lawrence on Saturday. In a few weeks I'll be go-go dancing again, then there's a party for Tommy's zine which I am included in. Then there's the big fabulous news: La JohnJoseph, heart of my heart, is included in this year's HOT Festival at Dixon Place, and asked that I perform on the same bill. It's totally thrilling to me that i get to perform for this festival, especially after having been very formally turned down by DP (who pride themselves on a reputedly all-inclusive programming schedule). SO, I'm writing a 30 minute piece from the Scorcher texts, called either BILLY CHEER or FAG CITY. We'll see. I'm so lazy, generally, about getting my performances together. I think I'm going to do this one without singing. Maybe try to steal the narrative from Lover, Ferocious. I've also been bandying about the idea of putting together a show, loosely based on my own life, called A Particular Bitch or Miss Thing, Interrupted about getting sick or something. I basically have a lot of slogans and names and a lot of insecurity. What I need to do is shed the shame and accept the fact that slogans and names are totally valid and part of a larger beautiful thing. Right? Right.

Printed more copies of Scorcher but I have to start charging for them. You can send $3 to me via paypal (e-mail me I'll tell you how). Also I've put togther a Mix-CD, which is also $3 but if you want to buy it along with the zine I'll get it to ya for $5. What a Steal!

BLOOMING: a billy cheer mix-tape
1. Eurythmics – Revenge
2. Dot Allison – Strung Out
3. Solex – Solex All Licketysplit
4. Angie Reed – Hustle a Hustler
5. Dub Narcotic (with Lois) – Ship to Shore
6. Big Maybelle – 96 Tears
7. Poison Girls – Ideologically Unsound
8. Utah Saints – Something Good
9. Pash – Morning Sun
10. Santogold – Your Voice
11. Malcom McLaren – Hey DJ
12. Nina Hagen - Zarah
13. Amerie – One Thing (Siik Remix)
14. De La Soul – Magic Number
15. Max Steele and the Party Ice - Moody

Anyways. Feeling the sunshine. Yes?
Billycheer@gmail.com if you want it.

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