So Cold You Are why

I wanna get this down because it feels like i'm always complaining on this blog. Just to be totally clear, i think complaining is a totally valid use of energy and it makes me radical / political / whatever. You're not allowed to fuck with my right to complain. But for some variety.

Last night I cleaned my room, cooked plantains and miso salad dressing for dinner, listened to reggae and painted my toenails purple while I watched the Chung King Express. My room mate Juneefuh brought home coffee ice cream and we ate it and played with the cats until midnight.

Woke up this morning to a brilliant day. Went to the gym, now I'm off to the DMV to get a new ID. Maybe Ikea later. I have the day off. Tonight the man in my life is cooking me dinner. i ccan't stop listening to "Your Voice" by Santogold. It might be the only song that really matters right now. An Idea.

much love always

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