Space Rock

Descriptions of some things I have that make me happy.

- 1960s purple space mushroom table lamb
- giraffe-shaped but zebra printed statuette
- papier-mache red bell pepper
- 16oz bottle of florida water
- japanese gardenia incense
- set of hot pink rainbow-striped vera neumann bedding
- good coffee
- a pot of daffodils, blooming
- a 1981 album of French outer space rock

I'm shaking the feeling that everything I put out into the universe is gonna be stolen, taken from me. The second I make something to enjoy, someone comes and nabs it. I'm an older sibling: I should have learned how to share! But I don't know how. Not really.

This is all to say that everything that constitutes me, which i define as anything having to do with me or my thoughts/feelings/blog, because they constitute "me" are therefore off-limits.

I really do want to be an island. Did you know I'm from an island? Alameda, California. Look it up. It's also a superfund site, because the Navy left weapons there. So Nuclear Island. Mutant powers of distinction.
I am a superhero of isolation!

Basically: stay out of my room.

Have the day off. Sit-ups.

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