Conference Call, 5AM

Bobo and called our friend at 5Am. To brag to her about being on drugs all night (She's in recovery but has a tremendous sense of humor, I don't mean to sound insensitive. She calls us at alll hours of the day and night, just to chitchat about Ben Folds). We thought we'd really blow her mind by calling her in our state.

Bobo & Max: Hello?

Friend (Gasping heavily): Oh, oh my god.

B&M: Hello?

F: Guys, I'm (to someone in the room with her) Shut up! (to us) I'm sort of fucking right now.

B&M: Really?

F: Yeah. I don't know why I picked up the phone.

B&M: What does it feel like?

F: Oh my god I gotta go. Oh wow. Oh my god.

B&M: Are you on the top or the bottom? Hello?

Nothing's shocking. Perry was right, I guess.

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