I Start Counting

Some notes to myself for the summer (so far):
  • make a list of famous gay male artists who did not die of AIDS
  • quit smoking again, probably (even though i'm not really a smoker don't worry)
  • be nice(r)
  • switch from kale to collards as staple leafy green
  • try to get out of town when possible
  • sleep outdoors or at least devote conscious time to looking @ night sky
  • listen to all of the yoko ono box set
  • don't turn to a life of crime
  • remember the recipe: Haterade = 10% Jealousy and 90% Boredom (try not to make this recipe or drink any of it even though it's really easy)
  • don't beat yourself up
  • stop counting the minutes/hours/days
  • learn (or remember) that goodbye probably really does mean goodbye (almost all of the time, anyways)
  • there's more than one way to say a thing. saying it with the least exertion is called 'grace'. you don't always have to be graceful all the time though.

but, tonight!:

i'll be your whatever-you-want.
the bong in this reggae song.

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