If I Don't Black Out

My throat is sore. I think from the air conditioning.

Cryptic life lesson about air conditioning: we can only fool ourselves for so long.
or, try: fiction makes us sick.

Dealing with some nasty things. Some unfortunate things. Some temporary things. I don't really know how I've managed to piss off everyone. Maybe I haven't really, but it totally feels like that. For the last year I've been working super duper hard in therapy to try out this whole new trip.

The new trip is: don't fucking hate yourself all the time even though it looks like everyone else in the world hates you. Don't beat yourself up or judge yourself for having feelings even though your friends and other people seem to judge you all the time. Don't put yourself down even though you feel like you live in a world designed of pain and shame.

So okay the point is: in keeping with my new trip, I am sort of okay with me / myself / my actions and I wish that other people were too. Alright.

Saw the Breeders last night. There was a time in my life (say, college) when I would have easily told you that the Breeders were my favorite band. I don't think that's really changed in the intervening years. The show was really hot, but totally gorgeous. Kim's voice sounded amazing, as did Kelley. She played (almost) all the guitar parts that she normally plays that she didn't play on the Title TK tour. I was, like, proud(?) of her. It was a really amazing show.

Cryptic life lesson from the Breeders: SUMMER IS READY WHEN YOU ARE

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