To Grade

An older, unpublished blog entry that I was working on the last time Mercury went into retrograde. I figure now's a good a time as any to revisit it. It made for a really fabulous story, which I didn't share with anyone then. I still might not.

The thing I want to impart, is that while I'm searching for ways to incorporate the adjectives "rich" and "famous" in such a way that they are truths of my life, I get really literal results. as in, the names of people.

A week ago, she quit smoking. Her acupuncturist stuck her with needles. She did stretches and went to the gym. She ate salads for dinner every night. Miss Thing meditated. She chewed Juniper berries and held magnets to her ears and worked on projects. Went to her Therapist and had a lot to think about. Felt toxic coming out. Going away but not far from her body.

Then last week Miss thing only wore black. She started to wear her hair curly. She took diet pills all day and cheated at some things. Rolling cigarettes. She drank a lot of espresso and went to parties and met men who get up at 8am for fashion shows and yelled and a young heir from Wesleyan who she knew from 2004 on Friendster. The boy is terrified that she remembers his name but he is also impressed. She and Johnny D went to go see Siouxsie Sioux perform, gossiped about it afterwards, like 13 year olds. Last night Allison Wolfe wrote "PxRxDxCxTx" on her stomach. She smoked a joint backstage and drank vodka. Go-go danced onstage. And now she's going to go buy some vegetables and go shopping for a pair of new black jeans. Before it snows.

Mercury's in retrograde and Miss Thing is thinking a lot.

Mercury is still, y'know, in retrograde. Or, it is again.
Here's the funny thing about that: someone I met at that party, who I didn't write anything down about, contacted me out of the blue. I sometimes wonder about circumstance and coincidence. Like maybe if I admit how I feel things are connected it means I'm crazy. Is this astrological or am I really (sorry to keep harping on it but I'm really scared I might be) schizophrenic? This isn't that important.

Sticks and stones and words and thoughts and feelings and ideas can hurt me.

But not, fortunately, yours.

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