Wednesday Ever (Best)

This is what blogs are for.

Yesterday I met up with Jiddy and Poopsie and Ian to hang out in Brooklyn. We walked to dumbo and ate Asian fusion food and Popsicles. I didn't get a sunburn but I did bask in the light of my glamorous friends, walking down deserted streets. We hung out in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I ran home to change clothes, then met Hunter and LaJohnJoseph for dinner at DoJo (we each had a bottle of sake, dubious decision). We went with our friends Brittany and Erin and Tom to go to see Justin Bond's Lustre, on opening night. We sat in the front row and whooped and hollered. It was gorgeous. Our friends performed.

Friends, it was seriously fabulous. Like kind of amazing.

From there we went to Eastern Bloc and saw Linda hosting. Hilarious! She might be the best Drag Queen in NYC, which thrills me to talk to her.

Then we went to Marquee. But for the grace of James and our friend Brittany, I would never have gotten in. I don't like asserting myself.

But make no mistake, we got in. Celebrity. Glamorous life. (What do Fergie and I have in common? The answer is "GLAMOROUS" but Tommy said, this morning, "Pee Pants?")

Anyways, James took care of us and charmed us and gave us free booze. Whenever it's free, I go into survival mode. I'm afraid to waste anything. This is a mistake. I should make myself comfortable with wasting liquor. I got kicked out of the ladies room, TWICE! La JohnJoseph and Brittany and I hung out with Our Hero, The DJ, and drank more vodka, again, in an effort (I thought) to reduce my waste / carbon footprint, somehow. I ate, like, a million lollipops at the club. Isn't that strange? That they give those out? In the bathroom? There were a lot of girls with fake boobs at the club.

Anyways, to wrap it up, folks.
You're totally jealous.
And that's fine.
But this is to document two things:
-- I am pure of heart
-- I have a distinct life of glamour

I need to be more careful. Because now I am drunk (still) and it's eleven thirty am and I have to go to therapy to talk about all the trouble my blog has gotten me into.

Literally: Peace Bitches

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