Never Even Asked Her To Come Over (She Doesn't Care)

Friday night Lazarus came over and we drank beers with Isabelle and Sam, who was in town this weekend for their Fabulous Art Show (which is still up, go see / buy it). We went to a loft party around the corner, where there was a keg of beer and home-made bruschetta. It was really, really hot and Sam and Izzie wanted to get their rest before their opening, so they went home.

Laz and I went to Ruff Club at the Annex and mercifully didn't have to wait in line. Is it shallow of me that not waiting in line is one of my favorite things about going out? Am I shallow for admitting this? Or, does my candor kind of diffuse the snobbery, and make me seem adorable? I'm okay with people thinking / "knowing" I'm a snob, I guess. Anyways, the girls behind us in line did not look too pleased. We met some really fabulous fashionable Swedes (don't we always). Laz had a late-night rendezvous and I stumbled home.

Saturday Bobo came over and we suntanned on the roof, dressed up as each other. Watched Spike Jonze music videos and Disney cartoons to get inspired to get dressed up. I like that idea. We went to her house so I could take a nap while she got ready for Izzie and Jiddy's art opening. Which, while a bit warm in the gallery, was a huge success. I am so tremendously proud of them. It was great. Laz and Bobo and I headed up to Long Island City to go to the DFA after-party at the Deitch space. the music was loud, and pretty good, but none of us particularly felt like dancing. Walked with Bobo's gorgeous sister Leslie to the G train and promptly passed out at home.

Sunday I went to the gym, cleaned my room, and went grocery shopping. Laz came over for tea, we met La JohnJoseph at the Metropolitan. Ate veggie burgers and beer and talked about performance art, La JJ's recent performance in the Hamptons, etc. Went down to Tasti D-Lite, whew I got chocolate and Laz and JJ both got some passion fruit sorbet and people kept stopping them on the street to talk about the fabulous color of their ice cream cones. I had never been so glad for the relative anonymity of chocolate soft-serve. Yikes.

La JJ and I went to Joe's Pub to see JUSTIN BOND IS LIVING!, ran into the ever-generous Glenn Marla on the way who got me into the show. Glenn's nickname, oddly enough (and chosen by La JJ) is Passionfruit. Go figure. The show was fucking hilarious, a wonderful time had by all. Downtown culture all around etc. La Jj and I split up when he ran into his gorgeous SF punk friend and went to a potluck. I went home and watched Greg Araki's The Living End. Or, tried to. Eventually the nihilism took the fun out of the music, the haircuts, even the fucking. Ah well.

So anyways, La JJ and our friend little baby Allan K. and I are all DJs, you know. We have a regular slot, it seems, at Eastern Bloc, on Tuesdays, during Happy Hour from 7-10:00pm. All the drinks are $4! We play wonderful music. We keep fretting about the name for our DJ group and La JJ are playing our Age Cards (Allan is only seven years old, the poor baby) and have re-dubbed ourselves DJs GIRL POWER. This is the flyer for our party, named YUMMY! (again, from the subconscious of La JohnJoseph). The Julianne Moore photo is an homage to our first DJ name (DJ Julianne Moore), favored by myself as well as Mxr. Bond. To everything there is a season, or whatever. Something about change being positive, productive, inevitable. Anyways: DJs GIRL POWER. Please do come.

Speaking of GIRL POWER, as well as REDHEADS as well as 1990S MUSIC as well as THINGS TO LISTEN TO OR WATCH THAT INSPIRE ME TO BE A BETTER-DRESSED AND GENERALLY BETTER PERSON. This video pretty much captures it all. It is a perfect illustration of what my weekend days are generally like. Pretty great, huh.


Unfaltering Certainty said...

isn't this so empowering???:


Bobo said...

everyone and their mom has a blog and a website. I LOVE IT!