Now I'm Down In It

Blogging (or I should say, my blog) is pretty useless for getting people to go to things. I understand that. However. two of my very dear friends are having an art opening tomorrow in Brooklyn, and I think you should go.

July 26 - 31

Opening Reception July 26, 6-9pm
Brooklyn Artists Gym
168 7th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215

It features new work by dear friends Isabelle Rancier, Julia Norton, and
Sam McKinnis.

Link to the event: http://www.brooklynartistsgym.com/events.html

In other news, this is how I feel today. Awkward, but trying to express a pretty basic feeling. Failing at feelings, sort of. Or, not finding the right way to express a thing. I feel like: I want to set clearer boundaries, and say exactly when things bug me. But I feel reticent doing that, so I guess I get all passive aggressive and awkward. Kind of like Trent Reznor (my love) rapping. I was up above it. Now I'm down in it.

Also I feel like this because my eyesight is going, I really did see a tiny little dot and I watched it for too long. My room mate makes me think that my retina is detaching. Scary.

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