Wide and Wily Sea

My horoscope says that this week I'm going to have exceptional difficulty in communication. This doesn't upset me. I accept this. It's okay.

I've started my new job. It's pretty cool. I don't make as much money as I would like to, but that's okay. As of today, I have health insurance.

I want to run into oncoming traffic. Which is not an unusual desire for me, I often want to run into oncoming traffic. I grew up in Los Angeles, where the freeways are sort of magical. Normally I envision myself dying that way. I am sure that I will die by being hit by a car.

Today, though, I want to run into traffic because I CAN. Because I have HEALTH INSURANCE AS OF TODAY. This is exciting.

In the rest of my life, I feel sort of stymied. I want to express a lot of big things, but I am waiting. Right now, little things matter. People noticing things. I'm starting a new band, sort of. The other member, he likes me sentences. I like his tremendous talent, his ear for all things groovy. The boy I sort of like, he's like an oracle of fucking. He likes my bedsheets. I'm glad someone notices these things. Not to belabor the point, but, again, I have really nice sheets. They're 1960s Vera Neumann. One of the few things that consistently make me happy, in fact.

Planning my birthday party. August 9th. Thinking along the lines of this:

Here's what I'm doing this weekend.

performing at Dixon Place's Hot! Festival
debut of my new piece-in-progress, "The Horrible Time"
10pm $15
258 Bowery
Opening for the legendary La JohnJoseph

GO-GO Dancing at Queers, Bears and Rears.
NYC's Fabulous Gay Punk Party.
Live show: Dead Betties, French Letter, and TWO TEARS (feat. members of the RED AUNTS)
Cake Shop
Ludlow St NYC

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