from: Max Steele
to: Dan Fishback
date: Monday, August 18 2008 at 10:33 PM
subject: idea for the play


you said to think of things i would want to see / do onstage and i found one. i hope it's stil ok to get this to you. no pressure to put it in your play BUT i think it'd be really good to include because

a) it's about, you know, the difficulty of authentic human communication (QL: is it really impossible? A: yes, pretty much) and
b) it's pretty funny and
c) most of all it would i think be fun for us (you me and spooky) to do.

my big idea refered to in the e-mail subject line is: to have one of the characters talk in a funny voice (like, british accent or something) and justify it while speaking in that voice. does that make any sense? like, someone talking in baby voice sayingg how they like to talk like that at parties because it makes people think they're small and vulnerable and adorable and makes them want to fuck them.

that's an example but you don't have to use it.

but do you get where i'm going with this? you named your new record "twemble qwef" so i think you understand the voices i'm taliking about. and i think you understand why those voices (or, really, the one voice. the four year old adding w's to everything voice) is such a good thing to use.

ok but it's just an IDEA for your play.
no pressure to use it.

love always

p.s. i know you're recording a record and you won't get this for like a week but i'm still sending it.

pps. i'm going to put this on my blog, i hope that's okay.

p.p.ps. i have another idea: eating onstage! so simple! i think we (or some / one / whatever) of us should EAT A MOUTHFUL OF SOMEHING onstage. dick or shit doesn't count though. don't be a perv.

basically, tuesdays

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