Come here: listen

I wanna slay the dragon!
I wanna kill the night!

For some reason today I'm REALLY FEELING Zeek Sheck. She was my hero when I was in high school.

Something really inspiring, always, about an artist whose work creates it's own world. Zeek Sheck's group of albums comprise this epic opera about universal chaos and identity, etc. It's really crazy and it makes sense only in it's own logic. She also makes these hotlines, which I think are really cool.

I mean also, my god. The costumes alone.

Today I feel kind of sassy. Not vindictive, because vindictive would imply that I'm doing it to be mean and I'm really not. I do, however, feel like if I don't exercise my muscles, then I'll lose them. I'm going to the gym in exactly five minutes. The other muscle I want to exercise is the muscle that I use to complain instead of holding a grudge. Sorry kids. I think I'm allowed to feel however.

I want to make things easier. For everyone.
Starting, I guess, with communicating. Ease! Easier!
Two letters: N-O. That is a lot simpler than giving my usual tentative Y-E-S then reneging on it later, mid panic-attack. A negative answer saves much more time and energy than me agreeing to something through a haze of blubbering, right? So: no. Easy. Done.

My point is this: everything, even unpleasant and unbearably bad feelings, are finite. I am actually an optimist and like the Utah Saints remix of the Kate Bush song that La JJ played for me so many months ago: I Just Know That Something Good Is Gonna Happen.

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