I May Be Delayed

Last night Sister Pico, Chantal, Machete, Lauren Wilkes and I all went over to Paps' house. We watched the most recent episode of Project Runway, the drag challenge. I'm sort of glad that Daniel got kicked off. is it mean to say that? I wrote about this before: I find him really attractice, and him losing sort of humanizes him. It's a really strange, beautiful, and gratifying feeling to watch someone you're sexually attracted to cry. On national television.

On my way to the train last night I was walking along McCarren park practicing my revenge face, for some reason. Like, "this is the face I would make when I want to be really mean and I don't care about it at all." I guess the 'look' worked, some guy did the whole turn-around-every-ten-feet shuffling thing to me. I don't know.

Grace Jones added me as her top MySpace friend this afternoon. Which is always nice.

My amazing coworkers and I ate our lunches, three matching salads, in the conference room this afternoon. We threw the I Ching and I had some difficult, but not at all surprising conclusions. Oddly, the message was "don't be such a fucking bitch". Or, actually "don't be such a fucking bitch unless it's in your nature, in which case, be such a fucking bitch." Actually it was kind of hard to explain, and I don't feel like sharing it with any of the freaks who actually read this thing (hi!!). Basically: everything happens. You know, that whole thing: be true to yourself. Et Cetera. Whatever, I'm starving.

I'm going out drinking tonight with Sister Pico and Brandon the Miracle. I dunno. Gym after work. Feel a little bit more present thanks in part to mystical divination and philosophy, and part to just clearing my head. I don't know what's going to happen.

Here is what my weekend is going to be like, this video. Isn't it weird how in the late 80s/Early 90s, her look totally changed? Apparently she was bombarded with offers to do a solo album, but it just didn't feel right. Clearly breaking away. Look, it's not even "Siouxsie" here, it's... Susan! I almost like her look in this video better than the owl-goth thing she's famous for. This song always cheers me up.


spacesuits said...

i'm a huge fan of kenley this season. but i guess that could be attraction more then anything else.
your blog is really interesting too!

Unfaltering Certainty said...

she looks like gina davis in a league of their own.

Bobo said...

pre order corporate cannibal!

pashly said...

kiss them for me!!!