Ok I'll Bite

You know what? I don't even care that everyone and their mom has already seen this. I think this is a fucking gorgeous video and I think Santi White is super talented. The thing, really, that I think makes her like M.I.A. is not that they particularly sound similar (um, hello?) but really that they both have really annoying fans. Like, I'll just be more specific: white Brooklyn hipsters listen to M.I.A. and Santogold and then affect the vaguely "ethnic" (should I have said "brightly colored"?) garb, accents, references as if it's okay. I mean, I'll also blame fucking Vampire Weekend or whatever, for telling American teenagers that South Africa is so kooky and Wes Anderson-pretty, ripe to be misappropriated. But anyways, most of my vitriol is saved for M.I.A. fans, rabid for "authentic" third-world beatz but can't point to Sri Lanka on a world map.

Sorry. This is all to say that I really love this video and this song and I hope Santogold goes on for a very long time.

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