Rain Storm

There's lightning and thunder outside. I'm in my room drinking cold coffee with the air conditioner on and burning rose incense. And burning candles. Listening to Laura Nyro really loud. It's dark out from the rainclouds.

Grey called and told me that one of the contestants in the new season of Project Runway, which I haven't seen yet, is this guy from Brooklyn, Daniel Feld, who I had seen around for ages. He used to go out with Grey, I guess, and when Grey lived here I kept begging him to introduce us. Which, you know, he did. But this Daniel cat just could. not. give. less. of. a. care. he was always sweet though. I rode the train with him last week and we glared at each other. But now I know we'll never be able to be together. He'll think I'm just flirting with him because he's on teevee. Which is a shame because it's not true. But I do like that he's on television.

Isn't it strange to think that in our culture, the most important noble thing you can be is... on television? How funny.

Anyways. Back to work. You know, "Up On The Roof", incense and all that. Gosh it's really pissing down outside. Wish you were here. I mean, you wish you were here. I'm reading my horoscope and it's fascinating.

Not to brag, but everything's coming up me.

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