These burns of ours

This wasn't always just a diary. I didn't start this with the intention of analyzing my dreams, bouncing around revenge fantasies, and glorifying my friends. I used to use this as a sketchbook of ideas. I'm still having ideas, I just think that my friends and my dreams and my revenge fantasies are more interesting.

An English stranger, on reading my blog (without having ever met me or anything): "Totally fucking mental." Not to brag or anything. Just saying.

For a brief second, this was going to be a style blog. I still have
Bobo's tiny screed about where her fashion style comes from (a mishmash of inspirations: third-world glamor, L.L. Bean, and shoplifting). I wanted, today, to write about La JohnJoseph, particularly about his hair and particularly about two of his hair styles: the Jackie Curtis-inspired afro puff and the Isabella Rossellini-inspired bun. I single these two out because I've had some involvement in early iterations of both hair styles. I teased JJ's afro for a photo shoot, which looked amazing though not in keeping with the spirit of the shoot. And I implored JJ for weeks (maybe one week) to please, please wear his hair in a bun. It's my blog and I write about me and my collaborative art projects even if they happen on someone else. But I can't find good enough pictures of JJ's hair in these styles.

So rather than actually talking about what I want to talk about I'll cut to the chase and give you the general impression. La JJ and I are self-styles celebrities in the vain of Lillian Hellman and Joan Didion, Bowie and Reed. Everything we do is sexy, "deep" and glamorous.

After discovering that my roof has been locked, we spent the bulk of yesterday taking drugs, coloring, listening to reggae, staring into space, eating burritos and horchata (do you want to know the way to my heart? hint: it involves horchata), talking about plastic surgery and gossiping about saturday night.

I want to write more but I don't feel particularly like "sharing". Tonight I'm going to cook kale for dinner.

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