It won't be long now

After work last night I ran down to Eastern Bloc to DJ. Nasser gave me big gin and tonix which made me feel kind of gross at first, but after the second one it started to make sense. La JJ was there, he gave me a stuffed heart that has "You'R #1!" printed on it, he got it in California. Regaled me with tales of booze, sex, drugs, and shopping in Hollywood. Dan came by before his show at Sidewalk, wish I could've seen it. Thain came and gave me some witch tips.

Lately, people have been asking me about witchery and voodoo. Like, "You don't really believe all that, do you?" So let me say for the record; in the words of Justin Bond quoting Yoko Ono (see how I did that?) "Yes, I Am A Witch". Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West.

DJ-ing was good. Mordecai came in, after work, apparently not realizing that I DJ happy hour at Eastern Bloc, he had just stopped in for a drink. He's so shy! Tommy and Brandon and Kasey all came. We're starting a gang, but really only so that we'll have an excuse to perform horribly painful initiation rites. Johnny Darling showed up, I haven't seen him since his birthday party and who knows how long it had been before that (I guess since my birthday party).

We ate falafel and went to the Metropolitan where I promised I would only stay for a second but stayed kind of longer. Go-go superstar Pony was there. A slug hung out with us for a little while and we all had a good laugh about that. I begged off at midnight, complaining about being too tired to hang out any more.

On the subway platform reading about plurality and postmodernism and cultural crises, two boys who had been at Metro came over and said hi, that they recognized me from the subway stop where we live. Invited me to hang out with them on their roof, where we stared at the Manhattan skyline and talked about movies until 2am. I felt confident (drunk?) and social. Bought plantain chips on my way home and ate them in bed, reading an article about Kurt Cobain. Woke up at 6am with my stereo playing and with the lights on. Ever-so-slightly hungover and really glad for it. Gathered my favorite of our four cats, Quinn, into my arms and went back to sleep for a couple hours.

Tuesdays are really the worst. I feel so much better today. What is it, Wednesday? Awesome. I ate oatmeal with black raspberries this morning and I feel really fortified. Putting hair on my chest. Part of why I feel so good is in getting in touch with folks. People writing back. Cute boys telling me I look familiar, people offering me drinks or cigarettes or candy. Hugging. Meeting new people and getting along with them. Listening to my friends tell me about what they've been up to. It's like my life is a big button and I just keep pressing it.

Baudrillard "We live in the ecstasy of communication. And this ecstasy is obscene."

The photo on the right is from my performance at Dixon Place. Hunter brought me a big sunflower
(which I think I left "to dry" somewhere in my room and I'm sure it's rotting in some forgotten corner -- oops!) and Jiddy took the photo. In this picture I feel really grateful for my friends, for attentive ears and the words to get to them.

Dig it.

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