On The Wall

I'm reading fashion blogs: we all agree to talk about these things like they're actually happening. The force of will, I mean IMAGINATION is astounding. I am inspired to say this: don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I don't really consider myself a beautiful person, outside or in. But you know, beauty, eye of the beholder, haters are jealous, etc. Save it!

I'm wondering: Would you rather be beautiful or happy?

I wonder if I'm really a vain, petty, empty person. I can probe the depths of me and I find that I am not so shallow. But then again, do shallow people realize they're shallow? Probably not. I think I have something here. I'm onto something.

I mean, it feels good to be right. Empirical and triumphant. And clairvoyant. I really to use adjectives as verbs. Today I'm into the verb "true". Like: I saw this big huge awful thing and I trued it. I tame it. I don't know.

Optimism isn't a lot more than a few hunches confirmed.

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