Or the way you take to get there

Is it wrong to want to use my blog, titled FAG CITY, as a repository for pictures of myself? This is an exercise in uselessness. I hate photos of myself. I think of myself as patently unattractive, and not photogenic in the least, no matter how hard I try (and I try). The reason I want to get pictures of me, then, is really about how I'm pulling off a really good trick on the rest of the world. Like, 'Joke's on you, you're wasting film on this!'. Okay. No one even really uses film anymore. Today, though I feel particularly lumpen and unformed. Slept with my windows open again. Mosquitoes got into my room and woke me up every hour or so, in blinding pain, to reapply cortisone cream. After managing to take care of the welts across my arms neck and legs, I managed to get about thirty-four minutes of 'sleep'. Woke up, an hour late for work, with half of my face covered in bug bites, pink purple and swollen. I feel like someone strapped water balloons to my face. Gross. Anyway.

One exciting thing about today so far is that my dear dear friend Arizona has started a blog. I may be the last of a handful of people who ever knew this funky soul as Arizona, and to me she will always be. She and I founded Bang! Bang! Indians!, a high-gothic country band, at Sarah Lawrence. A typical Bang! Bang! Indians! show usually involved abandoning songs mid-verse, screaming at each other onstage, prostelyzing about the War, performing with our backs to the audience and generally fighting a lot. It was also very magickal. Arizona's songs are these beautifully-crafted sharp little gems. I still perform one of her numbers, "Bloody Saddles". Anyway, she has moved from her native San Francisco to (of all places) Kansas. She writes in a really beautiful way about her artistic process, and this is exciting to me. It will probably be exciting to you too.

Tonight I'm going to the gym them I'm going to hang out with Bobo and Jiddy. Hopefully we can talk about our favorite colors. Mine is purple but I think I want to change it, now that everybody and their mother is into purple. I feel like a real Leo: everybody is ripping me off. I don't know whether or not that's actually true, but I often feel like my ideas are completed by someone else.

Mercury goes into retrograde the day after tomorrow. Which may as well be today. My alarm clock didn't go off this morning and my computer is acting funky. No use, I guess, in trying to ask anybody on dates. Much as I might like to.

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miniaturehousewife said...

hey max, thanks for being excited about my blog.
i read your alot and a couple others and its like a secret spy thing. kind of naughty.
i hope people feel like they are spying on me.
id like to use a bunch of other people's writing for this project of mine and id really like your answer(s) to the question: would you make a good housewife.
*love u