You've Changed (For the Better)

I'm gonna add my voice to the chorus here. Again. Lauren Flax, people. I've seen her DJ a bunch and always had a fabulous time. She used to throw that U.N.I.T.Y. 90s party in Brooklyn, which was always too much fun for words. Maybe my room mates know her (they are mild-mannered but well-connected soft butch celebutantes). I had no idea that L. Flax made her own songs. Is that stupid of me? I know DJs make mixtapes. Maybe I just don't know a lot about DJ culture / world.


Lauren Flax has made a song with Sia, called "You've Changed". It's supposed to get official release soon. It might already be out, I don't know. You can hear it on my favorite music blog

This song might be my favorite song of 2008. It's really uplifting in a not-at-all-corny way. It's pretty simple, but totally effective. It sort of has everything I like about dance music, all the elements compiled. And jsut, as a song, I think it's a really smart, well exectued thing.

So anyways. If you have the good fortune to be invited over to my house, expect to hear "You've Changed" like a million times. New favorite!

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