More If Metic

I feel really anxious. Mercury turns direct tomorrow, but will still cast a "shadow" for a few days, managing to make things generally difficult. Everything today had been exceedingly difficult. And all of the difficult parts have had to be repeated. I am in the midst of constant negotiations.

Are things really so hard? How hard is abundance? The excessive? I feel like, all of a sudden, I have too much attention and the wrong kind. Coming from the wrong people, at the wrong times. A big part of my (day) job is to answer the phone. Bobo and I find this hilarious, since anyone who's ever called me knows how easily frazzled I am by people making contact with me.

I feel like I really want things to be different. Is it wrong, I wonder, to tell someone "I know you have a boyfriend. I know you are in love and you should be, but I think you're so great. I hope your boyfriend is nice to you." That is well beyond boundaries, right? That's tacky. Though, when I have a boyfriend and people say that kind of thing to me, it makes me really happy. I shouldn't use myself as an example though.

This is hard. This hurts, right now. Okay.

I'm gonna go run really really really fast. Maybe 8 miles an hour. That's very fast, for me.
I want to quit smoking cigarettes.

To all things. I dedicate this song to everything.

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