Than I Know Myself

Everybody is so cool. And everybody is so sexy. I'm in a department store. I'm like a the child of a wealthy family. I can't pay for any of this but I'm supposed to be able to.

I can't even talk about my struggle to name the things I want. God. How long has it been since you asked someone out on a date? I'm of the firm belief that in life, if you have to ask for it then you probably don't deserve it and won't get it. This includes applying for jobs. I know, Groucho Marx, Annie Hall. But it makes sense, I think. It seems futile, to try to convince you to become in love with me. Realize how wonderfully perfectly matched we are-- this isn't gonna happen and I'm not in the off-season: there's no benefit in practice, for this.

Gee, everything is happening at once again. I feel like my life is completely parenthetical. All this stuff amounting to context. My life is all asides and semicolons. I literally do not have any free time between now and Monday night, when I'm going to a(nother) party.

I don't count going to parties as free time. Or going on dates, I don't count that either. It's like exercising and eating it's part of the larger routine.

Fuck, man. Roisin Murphy.

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Unfaltering Certainty said...

i'm going to see you tomorrow!