l'homme que j'aime

Today I feel much better. I don't know what else to say about that other than I hope it sticks. I so rarely get sick, but when I do it's pretty bad. I'm feeling basically 100% better. Like magick. Thanks to acupuncture and moxibustion, I guess. Witchery.

My horoscopes are highlighting a) change and b) my libido. Both welcome distractions from the last few weeks. I have been Completely Fucking Miserable. My dad is in the hospital, but it's not very serious. Just worrying. Feel like I'm in a den of vipers! Feel sharp things all around me. I am being very conscious to avoid things that look painful. So much energy and concentration, on choosing the lesser of two evils. Okay. Jenny is still leaving, Jaime is still leaving after her. Incredible difficulty with managing stress. Have so much to work on. Whichever ends soonest: that's the one I want.

I got a copy of Dec/Jan Interview magazine, which I am in. (Stay tuned, I plan on making the biggest most obnoxious deal about it when it hits newsstands 12/2). Also, found out that the interview I did for AXM Magazine is now online. You can see it here.The photo is from my little interview. Stuart Sanford took the picture and I think he is just so fabulous and sweet and nice and funny. His pictures are great. As La JJ says (another of the wonderful ginger-haired faggots in my life, the original in fact): "His art is very much in the style of now, isn't it?" I agree.

Tomorrow night, after going to Ves Pitts' opening at the
Christopher Henry Gallery because he is another amazing photographer I am lucky enough to know and a photo of me is in the exhibition), I am going to perform at this amazing party in Brooklyn. Please come.

I would like for some distractions to happen. I like the idea of having to PREPARE OURSELVES to be happy. I am certainly out of shape and out of practice. Since my stomach is now cooperating with me, I have been ravenous. It's like I am learning to eat all over again. And I sort of am learning, I have new systems in place. This is a productive and apt metaphor for the feeling I'm having. It's close to optimism, but with the caveat that we don't know things will get better. I'm such a downer. What I want to say is: I'm paying attention, or trying to. I'm working very very hard and though I have nothing to show for it and may never get well and never get rich and never get out of debt or famous, would you like to go grab a drink some time?

Here is a nice video of a pretty song that accurately sums up what I'm going for, girls:

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Grey said...

nice interview. I think I know the NYC dom Sub guy you reference..