The thing that has always bugged me about Star Wars and Star Trek and all these intergalactic war-slash-adventure movies is that in outer space, y'know, there's no sound. These explosions and rockets don't make any noise out there.

I feel like I'm riding in an ambulance in outer space. Futile cause it's quiet. None of the traffic gets out of my way. I don't even know where the space-hospital is.

It blows my mind, people on the street. Holding hands. Saw a guy in sweatpants this morning with a puppy tucked into his sweatshirt, drinking Starbucks and wearing flip flops. Who are these people that have so much leisure time? I want desperately to be so idle. To spend my mornings doing what I feel like.

Every morning for the last two weeks I wake up and ask myself how sick I feel and that really fucking sucks.

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