And She Will

I went straight to Chinatown, to both Chinatowns, and you know what I was looking for. You know I found it. Couldn't make it to the beach but I've still got some tan lines. Honey I keep notes like Courtney Love. I found my childhood diaries. Diaries from when I was 16. My notes for my trip back to New York (that's where I live right now) says "EDAMAME." About her body she's taking notes.

Barely got any work done on my show, but did everything else on my to-do list. I'm coming back into town tonight. I'm leaving tonight, actually, I'll get back tomorrow morning at 6am. Do you want to have coffee with me?
So, I didn't get anything done except: relaxing. I feel like resting is a lot more important than other things, like prioritizing. California feels so weird to me. Everything is so low to the ground. The sky is gigantic out here it's like a blanket thrown over you. But I live on an island out here. Anyways. Politics of pleasure and relaxation. And healing. And resting. And turning on and dropping out. And the politics of she goes on vacation because she cannot deal with her life. this time not drugs, this time she goes on a real vacation. And you know she is not dressing up okay? She is not trying to impress anybody she just wants to relax before she gets back to work to kick your ass. And she just might.

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