Day Off

I'm flying home to California tomorrow. I'm excited to have a vacation, at last. When I get back, I'm going to be very busy. I'm working on a lot of things, it's pretty exciting.

I once read an interview with Martha Stewart, wherein she served the reporter lunch, and when the reporter asked about the recipe (Chinese-style stir-friend steak), Martha recited it from memory. Then said "You know, that's why people hate me."

I feel like I'm always on the verge of reciting a recipe. But I'm scared to because then I think people will resent me. But you know what? People already resent me and I haven't even recited the recipe so if I'm gonna get shade thrown at me by haters then I may as well LIVE. IT. UP. right?

This is all to say that I wanted to recite the following recipe. In addition to the things you read about here on my blog, or things I tell you about, one of the things I do is write monthly horoscopes, under a pseudonym. I'm going to share with you now the horoscope I wrote for myself:

"January finds Leos getting back on track. Financials organized, health regimen reinstated, new hairdo. Leos love to prioritize themselves, and this is the perfect month to do so. How else can you cope with the demands of your adoring public if you haven’t attended to your own needs first? Once you give yourself the attention you deserve, you’ll soon find everyone else following suit."

Whatever. That's why people hate me. Some people, I mean. Most people (e.g. my friends) don't mind. Anyways.

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to this movie that Stuart Sanford made.

It's on his blog. It's called: 24 Hour Day Off. I've spoken at length about my feelings for Ferris Bueller. That film illustrates a lot of what about our contemporary culture pisses me off. The golden-boy worship thing. The crucifixion of the older sister. I have often said that the only useful part of that movie is the shower scene.

Stuart Sanford extends this moment, elongating it past the point of pleasure. He shows us leisure stretched into a grotesque caricature. Pleasure and relaxation stretch into torpor and anxiousness. Stuart Sanford's art makes a genius of history. Look: gays / fags / queers / disenfranchised youth / people who do not have the leisure and socially-scripted charisma of Ferris Bueller have always had to construct our own realities. We have to locate our signs of pleasure and transactions of self within another culture's frame. Stuart Sanford makes this location, the cartography of the Faggot, a glorious conceit. Stuart's boys are endlessly cumming, are caught in petrified euphemism, their glorious secret smiles are given back to us, forever.

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