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Spent yesterday home sick from work. Had a cough so bad I got dizzy. It was also the first snow day. I drank black cherry bark tea and watched the movie "Friday". I ordered vegan japanese food and made hot cocoa with soy-milk. Spent the afternoon flirting with the guy I like in e-mail, talking about how come you never wanna take me out? You know so much about Dusty Springfield you oughta quiz me. Dear Everyone: there's no quicker way to a Leo's heart, even when he's home sick eating anti-anxiety pills and staring out a snowy window, there is no quicker way to that fiery passionate center of romance than to tell the Leo that you're jealous.

Making a list of turn-ons and turn-offs and luckily more things turn me on than turn me off. I still don't feel like sharing the list yet, but suffice it to say that in my book, turn-offs include name-dropping. That's a good clue for you if you're trying to impress me (which you should probably be doing). That all being said, I learned about drinking black cherry bark tea from two sources: the writings of Gloria Naylor (it is, in fact, a voodoo remedy) and one-on-one advice with Lady Miss Kier (it is, in fact, a voodoo remedy).

Suck it, winter.

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