House Intrusion

(From Lover, Ferocious. Billy Cheer and Scott Panther at Scott's apartment.)

Scott: I heard them last night.

Billy: What?

Scott: Rats.

Billy: You don't have any rats in your house.

Scott: Billy I heard them running around in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Billy: I think rats are cute.

Scott: Why do you have to think they're cute? They're not living at your house. They scare me.

Billy: I used to have a pet rat, it died of cancer. They're really nice. They're very intelligent.

Scott: I don't know why you think this is so funny, Billy. I have rats. Your boyfriend, who cares about you so, so much, is really upset about something and you keep making jokes. That's just great.

Billy: I'm sorry.... I care about you too, Scott.

Scott (examining a minuscule pimple or something on his arm): I think one bit me. I think it came into my room while I was asleep and I think it bit me.

Billy: That doesn't look like a bite.

Scott: What if I got rat AIDS?

Billy: I don't think you don't have rat AIDS. I wouldn't worry about that.

Scott: Well, you should be worried. You're exactly who should be worried, because if I get rat AIDS you're going to be the first person I give it to.

Billy: That's fine, I'm immune to rat AIDS anyway.


MR5P1NN3R said...
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MR5P1NN3R said...

That's adorably funny.

(sorry about the randomness, I searched 'queercore' in an image search and your blog about the interview with fag school came up. I thought it was fun so started reading more. haha)