In the dream I watch a girl on roller skates riding down the street. I am also the girl on the roller skates, or I know / recognize her. She skates down the street to where a man is lying on the ground. He is unconscious and is having some kind of a seizure, he's shaking all over. He is wearing dark sunglasses and dirty clothes, he looks blind, like a homeless person. She kneels beside him.

In the dream I become aware that the man is hearing something. The girl is working with some kind of program that exposes "undesirable" people to this weird sound. She administers the sound to the people via headphones, and she also collects them once they have heard the sound. Once someone has listened to the sound, their brains become scrambled, they have no identity thoughts or feelings. It's some kind of mind control program and I notice that the girl's skates are pink and that she has a matching minibackpack. In the dream I am terrified of hearing this phantom mind-controlling sound. In teh dream I have a secret fear that I know the sound, that I recognize the sound and have just been trying to ignore it. I realize that by admitting it, I know I've exposed myself to it, and that it's too late. I imagine that the sound is like white noise made up of every human voice saying very concievable thing. It sounds murky and hissing. I wake up at noon in a cold sweat with daylight streaming into my room, to the sound of the gurgling of my humidifier.

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