Other Rooms

Nightmare: I am in a strange San Francisco-style apartment. I'm here to move into a room. It's in the center of the apartment. My bed is a big futon frame. There's a Christmas tree here. It's the living room they're renting it out like it's another bedroom, because they all have different schedules. It's with two guys, and a girl. The girl I know, I used to go out with her room mate, we got along. They ask me to stay over one night, calling it a "home-stay" and I sleep in the futon. I wake up and everyone's at work and I am locked inside the apartment. I want to get out but for some reason my fear of offending them is preventing me from doing so. One of the boys comes home / comes out of his room (has he been home all along?). I ask him, angry, if this is really a bedroom they're renting out, because it looks a lot like the living room to me. It seems like I'm sleeping on the fold-out couch. The boy gets angry that I don't like it, and starts attacking me. I wake up.

Still interviewing room mates. Hopefully done.
Thank god.

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