I've had too much caffeine at work, and am having sexy chat messages with Francine online so I'm thinking about ROMANCE this afternoon. Thinking about articulating desires, making the fantastic real to ourselves.

My point is that Alec Empire is the sexiest man alive. Don't you just want to cuddle him? I know it gets cold in Berlin, and I'm sure he'd be freezing from spray-painting and breakdancing in the streets. I just want to make him something warm to drink and touch his hair and tell him that he can scowl all he wants, but I know he just wants to listen to American pop records and eat candy with me. As a Gay Person (cultural minority / oppressed or whatever) I think it is so cute and so charming that he has dedicated his career to destabilizing systems of oppression. I take it as a personal compliment and I am flattered. When Alec is screaming, his violence is holistic. I don't much feel like Destroying 2000 Years Of Culture, but I am more than happy to tell my friends that my ultimate dream fantasy boyfriend Alec couldn't meet us tonight, because he has to go smash western civilization with his friends. Again.

Here is his music video for "Addicted to You" off his solo album. It is a real turn on. I'm getting a little hot under the collar. But man! If I was at that show I would probably be all mesmerized paralyzed and backwards dancing too.

CHOICE LYRIC: "Excuse me, but I'm kinda dying"

Okay and I know it totally goes against his whole aesthetic of spooky digital hardcore goth breakbeat punker stud, but DOESN'T ALEC EMPIRE HAVE THE CUTEST FUCKING SMILE?

I wish I could find a video of him speaking because his accent is adorable.

If you're reading this Alec (who knows?) I'm not joking.
It's on.


La JohnJoseph said...

I believe the word is "schwing".

dandy said...

very hot, in that hate to love to hate way.