Monitress. Tete-a-tete.

Marrs, lover. Steinke, lover. Rachel + Radio guest starring, lover.
(No one except for my old home girl Cotton or maybe Perfect Little Daniel will appreciate how beautiful and strange it was that the Need joined Mocket, briefly. They toured as Mocket / The Need with Atari Teenage Riot and my friend Nate went and didn't tell me and I was furious. Remember that Vaselina 10" when the Need included Joe Preston and DJ Zeena and they were kind of veering towards this weird West Coast trip-hop-tronica sound? Glory Daze).

Listening to New Wave, drinking soda pop and listening to our walkmen. You could break it so that it'd play the cassettes backwards. We take turns listening on the headphones while we walk downtown it's September on a Sunday. We're listening to the song we wrote last night at midnight, about aliens, metal nerves and electrified blood. We try on silver space go-go boots at the thrift store. We walk home through the rain to your aunt's house in Tumwater and we spend the afternoon smoking clove cigarettes and playing keyboards. We bake out Casios in the oven to bend their circuits. My friend Duchess told me about doing that. Punk Pacific Northwest Nu-Wave Witchery. Audrey Marrs was so cool. I still think she's cool, now she's a movie producer.

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Daniel Portland said...

dude, what was nate's damage?