Narcissus of the Parking Lot Puddle

This is fascinating because it actually happened to me slash is constantly happening to me. I'm like Gertrude Stein in a number of ways, lover, but primarily in that I live in a continuous present. Buttons forever pressed, triggers pulling forever / infinite.

Trying to locate myself in a filthy pool and get angry that I don't see a reflection there, just the rainbow of an oil slick. The Narcissus of the parking lot puddle.

I guess I'm just tired of settling. My coworkers and I threw the I Ching on New Year's Eve and I got Hexagram 21, or Biting Through. It says that I should let justice be administered, and I'm inclined to agree. I feel encouraged to take some decisive action, and am tickled as always that the universe is urging me to cast judgement. That my discriminating and certain gaze should do the work of good versus evil is always a nice thought. Auspicious for the new year. I am setting some limits and I'm not telling everyone about them (not all of them). I'm sorting things out.

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