Sassiest Boy In America

I actually have a lot to say on his work, because I think he's kind of this genius thinker, but for now I just wanna talk about how Former Sassiest Boy In America (according to Sassy magazine) Ian Svenonius is so cute.

He's way smart too, I'll talk about it later. Or you should just read his amazing book The Psychic Soviet, I'm sure you can buy it online somewhere. He's a theorist who connects gender theory, the occult, postwar politics, pop culture and history. It's really brilliant. And his bands (Nation of Ulysses, Cupid Car Club, Weird War, Scene Creamers, David Candy & the Make-Up) are pretty much all totally 100% necessary. In high school my best friend Becky went to see the Make-Up when they were touring in support of In Mass Mind. She said that everyone wore suits onstage and looked very cute and very mod. This was in 1998, it was before the Gossip or the Strokes or it was cool to have a 1960s thing. I was so jealous that she got to see them. The bassist Michelle was in one of my favorite bands, the Frumpies.

Anyways. PS Ian Svenonius a super fox.

Is it weird or offensive to draw attention to someone's speech impediment?
Like, is it demeaning to point out that Ian Svenonius has a lisp, if I'm only pointing it out to say that I think it's completely adorable?

Because a) he does, and b) I do.


Daniel Portland said...

ah, you beat me to posting i am pentagon, which i will still do this sunday. fuck music for sure. also, after watching his t.v. show i discovered svenonius is also a crack up. also, frumpies forever! it was the dream of my best friend and mine that they would play our 18th birthday party while bill murray ate sushi with us in the bathtub.

pashly said...

ian IS so adorable. he's like the obama of the semi-radical, political indie punk music/cultural scene....
hes not a leo but maybe leo rising, but he always seem so leo to me.