Three Hundred Sixty Five Nights

At some point every year, I come upon a phrase or quote that serves as my mantra for the year. In spring of 2006 when I was finishing college, I listened very closely to "Groove is in the Heart" as if it were the answer to the questions: "Where is Groove?" or "What is in the Heart?". It just seemed really brilliant and applicable to my life. I ran straight to Bobo's dorm room and told her my feelings about that slogan, saying that it would be my motto for 2006. Then we spent the rest of the night playing with finger puppets and working on our long-on-hiatus e-zine, NoMenClature. My 2006 motto: Groove is in the Heart, turned out to perfectly sum up my year, and became a sort of prophetic voodoo when I ultimately met Lady Kier that year.

In early 2007 I was listening to a lot of Cheryl Lynn's first record. To be fair, I'm always listening to that record, it's totally crazy. In January of last year, I found that "Got To Be Real", in addition to being maybe my Favorite Song Of All Time, seemed like a pretty good motto for the year. And I can say in retrospect that in 2007, THINGS GOT MIGHTY REAL. In good and bad ways. No regrets.

I don't remember my motto for 2008 and I don't want to bother looking it up. It's probably buried deep in this blog, but honestly who cares, right? Let's keep going.

Last night hanging out with Hunter I was brainstorming (which is what I usually do when convening with other Grand Dames of Leisure, respect the process honey). I came up with two good mottos for 2009. The runner up is:


I like the idea of being "down there", as it refers both to anatomy, geography and the feeling of being 'down' as both "in the know" and "depressed". Like the opening of that Sylvester song where they say "I've been down so long that getting up hasn't even crossed my mind." But I've decided on my motto for 2009, I think, stolen from Dr. Seuss:


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Daniel Portland said...

let it be known. something was in the air in 2007 cuz got to be real was my slogan then as well. in fact, it was the title of the first chapter of my thesis.