For the one you love

I have a hangover. Not from booze but just from being myself. I feel like a reduction sauce: boiled down to my essence. Ready for use in all your favorite recipes. It's not a bad feeling. My long-lost friend Arizona told me recently that she's learned to make reduction sauces.

She moved from her native SF to Kansas with her husband. She's a teacher and a performance artist and I wish she lived near me so we could hang out. When were in college we took a "sculpture" class together that wasn't really sculpture. It was more like performance, history and theory class. But it took place in a sculpture studio. About half the class actually wanted to play with the clay. Arizona and I sort of just talked about romance and drew pictures of hearts. The teacher was the famous living artist Robin Winters. I studied with him again, with my best friend Bobo. Anyways. Arizona wrote a play called "Sky's Gone Out" based on Agamemnon and I did the music. It was a kind of post-punk / industrial socialist puppet show. Some of the dialogue was Kate Bush lyrics and Apollo wore an outfit made of swathes of army bullets. Then the next year Arizona and I started a band, called Bang! Bang! Indians!. It was a high-gothic cowgirl country band. Her band name was "Betsy Heavens" and she sang lead vocals and I was "Billy Faye" and played ukulele and sang back-up. We also had "Candy Corn" on viola and "the Duchess" on keyboards. I thought we were the best band ever. We rarely rehearsed and when we did someone always left the room crying (but not, to our credit, Arizona or I). Before shows we would spend hours picking out outfits and practicing southern accents and drinking moonshine and smoking clove cigarettes. Onstage we had arguments instead of singing. We wrote some beautiful songs (I still play our menstrual murder love song "Bloody Saddles" in my live set). We did heartbreaking covers of "Running up that hill" and "Divine Hammer". We opened for Mirah once, to a packed house. The Mirah fans got there super early and were horrified when they discovered we were the opening band. When they saw us lurching towards the stage in flannel, boots and eyeliner and whiskey, the audience turned their backs to us. We screamed at them to look at us and when they didn't we stormed the crowd. Catcalls and hecklers were frequent. The most common one: "You have no business being on a stage". We're sort of genius.

On Saturday I spent the day shooting photos for an upcoming thing on East Village Boys. The editors put me in touch with Shelby Gates to take photos. She was super cool and I was mega-flattered to work on this, especially w/ her. She noticed my L7 button and we instantly bonded. Shot photos at the bar where her cool rocker friends work in the LES. Sunday I worked at a fashion show (I mean "presentation") with my witch room mate Patrick. My friend Kevin works for the clothing designer and we bar tend and get free clothes. I was told that Kanye might show up, but he didn't, to my complete disappointment. I guess he was busy doing this:

Everyone in this photo is thinking about lunch. Roisin, however, is staring right at hers.
This was posted by my new twitter friend Nick. I'm kind of all about the microblogging, it's perfect for slogans. Shiny new toys.

Also on Sunday, I had my first real bona fide telekinetic experience. Maybe I shouldn't say telekinetic because then we get into arguing about moving objects with the mind, and wat exactly constitutes an object. I'm talking about controlling the way that smoke moves through the air with my mind. Maybe I should say it was a spiritual experience, but I'm pretty sure it happened because of my powers. Which by the way is not news to me (the fact that I have powers). It's just high time that I started using them. I knew they were there all along.

Reading Lisa Crystal Carver's Drugs Are Nice. Right after I read this Madonna book. I feel really encouraged. To be myself. As if there was someone else to be. No, I mean there is someone else to be: Billy. Let's switch.

I came into work this morning to find these waiting for me.